Tired of The Health Clubs and Gyms? Mad Because Diets Alone Don't Work? Bored With Fitness Routines?

This Ancient, Deadly & Most Feared Martial Art on The Planet is Not Only The Secret to Self-Defense, Personal Security & Unstoppable Confidence...

It Holds The Key to
Trimming Your Waistline & Toning Your Muscles
While Helping You Feel 10 Years Younger...

It's Muay Thai  Kickboxing and It's Also Fun!

Dear Fellow Capital Region Neighbor,

My Name is Alan Condon and I'm the owner of Empire Martial Arts in Albany New York. We've been empowering professional folks in the Capital Region for 14 years using the ancient, deadly, easy to learn and fun art of Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Our clients are fed up with wasting money on gym memberships and health-clubs. They don't want to spend $250 per hour on a personal trainer. They just want to get in shape and have fun doing it. 

I feel compelled to warn you though...

Not All Muay Thai Martial Arts Studios in Capital Region are the same...

Believe it or not some of them have only been to “weekend certification courses” and are woefully inexperienced at teaching Muay Thai and helping people get in shape.

Many of these “pretenders” are just trying to “cash in” on the popularity of Muay Thai Kickboxing – It's sad!

Our Instructors Have Been Training Since 1974. They have competed in over 207 Kickboxing matches & National Championships. They know how to help reach your goals.

With over 3 decades of training and achieving a 6th degree Black Belt I understand how to bring out the best in my clients. My team specializes in helping our clients take control of their lives and fitness using the Secrets of Muay Thai.

If You're Interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing or Other Programs Like Mixed Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Just Be Careful Because Not All Schools Are Created Equally!

At Empire Martial Arts we will let you come in a try our program for 2 weeks.

“Kickboxing Secrets Revealed: How to Knock Out Stress and Burn Fat”

All you have to do is put your name and email in the box below and tell me where to send it...

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